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need rent help

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need rent help: Need to barrow $250.00 to go towards the rest of my rent or i will bee kicked out and i

Need to barrow $250.00 to go towards the rest of my rent or i will bee kicked out and i don't have anyone or any place to go. Please help?
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help me i'm drowning  

About help me i'm drowning

I am a 39 yr old mother of 5. I at about only 5% mobility usage of my legs, right arrm and hand ( I am right hand dominant to make it worse). My wonderful and supportive husband has had to resort to carrying me everywhere. So as you can imagine I feel like an invalid and helpless, less than a woman,wife and a mother. Every Company that I have asked for help from for an electric wheelchair,rent help and food help has turned me down putting money before everything else. I feel helpless please help me restore my sanity.

Aloh Pettyjohn

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About jamesh

Hi everyone, I found this site because in googled "need rent help" which I do. Here's whats going on. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado. I have been here off and on since 2002. It has been a great place to live for me and my family is trying to get out here. I have recently gotten divorced and spent every dollar I have in the process. My business has gone under and jobs in western colorado are hard to come byr, especially with a DUI that I got last year. I want to get things on track yet I feel I am being crushed to death. Im not sure what to due as I have monetary obligations due at the end of the month. I am activly seeking work and doing side jobs on computers as I have a a degree in computer science, so the repairs I do are able to get food but little else. I am willing to work for you and I also have a nice new touchscreen computer I will sell. Please help me as I really truely need it! I will do anything.

Thank you for reading this,

James Harrison


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About nov2009

Needing $225.00 for my past due December Rent. Am a mature (61) widower working part time for a while now trying to find full time work.  I work Saturday and Sundays but it is not enough to cover my bills.   It has been rough, have worked full time for the past 42 years, but this last year has been difficult looking for full time work for about the past 8 months. I strongly believe in God and that he will get me through this.  Your help is deeply appreciated.

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If We Don't Get Help, We Will Be Evicted.... Scared to death!!!

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About endofropemom


my daughters went over a 300 foot cliff and sank 18 feet in water. My surviving 10 year old daughter and I have been through hell. We have been hungry, homeless, and both. We have lived in 5 states in the 7 years since just trying to find a place we fit in. We have no family and few friends. I am now enrolled in college for the upcoming Summer semester but we have no car, few clothes, and no way to pay the bills untill financial aid is released in mid may. Any help would be greatly appreciated and the chain of love will not stop here, I promise.

 I need a total of $1000.00 for deposit and rent.  We must move because the rent has gone up and cannot afford.  Our landlord i unwilling to budge.  This comes at a terrible time because my semester starts on May 12,2009 and I don't even know where we will live during the semester.

Please help with any amount!! Even if several people could help with small amounts to add up to the total would be very helpful.  I am desperate here.

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Don't Know What To Do....

I talked to my landlords today, even though they are good people, I think even they are getting a little impatient with me not being able to pay rent. I have payed every month on the dot, till  now. Things seem to be piling up and work is to hard to get. Not just a good job any job! I am now to be $1,070.00 behind! Don't know what I am going to do.....

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need help with rent money

I need about 800.00 so i can move to a bigger place.I have a 23 year old autistic son and a boyfriend with a mental illness and a seizure disorder.I have been trying to move for a year.Cant seem to do it.My boyfriends medicine is 250.00 a month.Plus doctor bills.If you can help i would be very grateful.I live in arizona.You can send donations to my paypal


Thank you ahead of time.All we want for christmas is to move.

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About momofmonsters

Hi, I am a mother of two and we are in desperate need of help!  We are going to be thrown out of our appartment at 9am monday November 3rd unless we can come up with 800 dollars.  We have had a really hard time, we have no car and no where to go, and no one to help us.  I dont know where to turn or what to do, but I have to find a way to keep this appartment so that my kids are safe.  The local agencies that say they help wont help us.  And in short we are at the end of our rope. 

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About monyluv

Hello my name is monica and I have been having trouble with receiving my disability name because of the company I am employed by. I am so afraid of losing everything I have because I have been with out any money to pay my rent and to to be able to keep my electric on because I am in the process of taking college on line also so. So I strive every day to try to come up with money to try to keep my electric on and to also be able to pay my rent. I am now 320.00 behind on rent because of my illness. I really do need help paying my bills. I constantly stay stress not knowing if I will ever be able to return by to work, Because the place that I work at deals with chemical smoke and a lot of heat which was keeping me seek, which made my doctor take me off from work. I have been with out money since April and have been fighting the company for my benifits. I am even having to do with out my medication because I do not have any money coming in. Please help me I really need your help.
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About Jerrodland

I'm a 23 year old male i have a 9 month old baby boy and a wife i love with all my heart right now i have been with out a job but i'm looking but my problem is i need help really really bad i need help to pay my rent for my family i need 460 dollars asap if anyone i dont care who but if anyone could please help me with my problem i would really like that so if anyone can help please email me at thank you and god bless

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About Roeroe62069

I am a 38 year old disabled woman in need of help paying my rent this month.

I need 5000 dollars by March 25th or else i will be evicted and become homeless.

I use a wheelchair to get around and I need to keep this apt due to it being on the 1st floor.

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Need help paying back rent,and current rent or get evicted

There was 3 months that I was not able to pay my rent, and with the charges, he is demanding $1135.00. My landlord has written me a letter that he needs, 388.00 now or get evicted.that's 238.00 current rent and 150.00 on the back rent. I am on disability and do not have no money coming in except on the 3rd of the month. And family can't help cause they are on a fixed income like I am. I have a 14 year old daughter that depends on Me keeping a roof over our head. I have tried and tried to get help with this and have gotten every door slamed in my face. I tried to sell what I could at one of our local flee markets, made $7.00 and then had to turn around and out $3.00 with that to pay for the spot, $10.00. If someone could see it in their heart to help out, any amount would help. Thank You

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I am in desperate need of help, I can't pay my rent and face eviction. We'll end up on the streets with two kids.

I need help paying my rent.  My boyfriend is disabled and we can't get any help for him. I had a job making $7.00 an hour and things were starting to look up but then I lost that job.  I just now found a new job making$6.95 and hour and now I have fallen behind in my rent I owe two months and they want to evict us within a couple of weeks.  I promise pay back anyone who helps as much as I can.  I am also facing health problems of my own but I go out to work eveyday.  I just need help.  I want to believe that people still care about others.  My name is Karrie and I'm  35 years old. I need about $1500.00 to get caught up.

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